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  • "I Want to Vote" Project Asks Ohio Voters to Weigh in on Early Voting Option

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years among election officials, legislators, and other policy-makers about how much time Ohio should have for early voting. Yet, no one has ever asked the voters what they want.

In light of recent events, this debate is likely to continue, and we thought it would be interesting to get some sense of what is important to voters. LWVO's "I Want to Vote" project asks Ohio voters when they want to be able to vote. The short questionnaire can be completed through Friday, November 7, 2014, and the results will be announced after the election. Although this will not be a scientific poll, it should give us some insight about just what is important to the voters who respond.


Ohio voters can have their say by going to http://bit.ly/iwanttovoteohio and are encouraged to share with their friends by posting their preference on social media using the #iwanttovote hashtag.




New "Voting 1-2-3" Voter Information Available

NEW! Updated 2014 Voter Information resources are now available from LWV Ohio. Wondering what voting rules are in place this year? We have your answers!

These free resources are available to download, print, or share online. Print copies may be ordered by contacting the LWVO office at 614-469-1505.


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